The photos alone are reason enough to get married.

  • Aloha! We are Heather and Jon Almeda. Our mission is to create photographs at weddings that are as charming and unique as the day itself. We have been married for thirteen years and have been friends since high school. We imagine that each wedding we photograph is our own. Giving each client all our love and shooting straight from our hearts. We both bring something different to the table, yet we share a similar aesthetic vision which gives our images a cohesive look.
  • Having shot over 300 weddings together as a team, we have established a refined “well oiled” approach to weddings. Our approach allows our couples to be relaxed, happy and perfectly present on their big day. We take joy in fusing our images together to craft stories with our cameras. We enjoy using a combination of cameras and techniques. In addition to using Canon digital gear, we often shoot with a Hasselblad medium format film camera and vintage 35mm lenses. Images shot with our film cameras and lenses have their own look and feel. Some produce beautiful flare, some are square, and some make things soft and dreamy.
  • Beyond photography we work in a variety of mediums ranging from pottery, painting and mixed media pieces. When we aren’t busy photographing weddings you’ll find us working on our other artistic endeavors. Jon is a renowned miniature ceramic artist. When he isn’t busy editing photographs and crafting slideshows, you’ll find him in the studio throwing pots. I love it when I can start my day off painting in the morning followed by a walk in the sunshine to fetch a latte.
  • All of our packages include the two of us working as a team at your wedding. Please contact us for pricing information, full day coverage starts at $4,000. We also offer smaller packages for elopements and less traditional events. We have traveled far and wide to capture weddings and have travel options for varies locations. Please send a message for more details. We would be honored to capture all the love on your special day!